Why Train?

Training is always recommended, no matter how large or small your deployment, and we have the numbers to back up the effectiveness of Agosto training. Let us know if you’d like to chat, and we can share our stats with you.


Where to Start

Before we begin training, short surveys can gauge end user confidence and excitement about the switch to G Suite. We allow your end users to tell us what features they are afraid they will lose in their legacy system, identify the Google equivalent, and tailor sessions more to their needs. There’s an amazing, positive impact when your end users know that they are being heard and when they get the instant gratification of having their concerns

addressed and their questions answered.

G Suite has many features and options that can benefit every organization and its end users, certainly more features than can be conveyed leading up to a go live event. Agosto provides plans for phased training on G Suite, and suggests ongoing education options that best suit your end users.

Achieving Results

When businesses decides to go Google, or even for those that have been on G Suite for a while and there’s still a utilization gap, Agosto can help you get more from your productivity software. If you’re wondering which G Suite Basic or G Suite Business tools you could be using more efficiently and for more ROI, Agosto offers a range of consultative options, including:

Project Management and Coordination

Project Management and Coordination consists of conducting regularly scheduled meetings with your team to ensure that stated objectives are being met and timelines are being adhered to.

Internal Marketing and Communications

A critical area to focus on to ensure user adoption of any technical solution is internal marketing and communications.  An Agosto change manager will work with your marketing and internal communications team to spark enthusiasm with your users. Additionally tips and updates will be conveyed to users to inform them of useful information and resources available to aid with adoption.

Use Case Development

Use case development ensures that G Suite Basic or G Suite Business is being leveraged for practical scenarios that directly relate to your business.  Agosto will work with the your team to understand workflows that can be easily adapted to G Suite, to provide a superior experience to the existing method. These use cases can be incorporated into training and communications to spur excitement.

Customized Training

Ensuring that your users understand the tools at their disposal is crucial.  Agosto can work with you to devise training curriculum that consists of short, 30-minute training sessions that showcase specific Google features.  Additionally, hour-long training sessions can also be conducted for more advanced and inclusive topics.

Training Options

Agosto’s skilled trainers deliver in-person, local and distance learning/training programs in the specific local languages needed, for companies of all sizes. On location, live webinar, and recorded video content is also available for administrators and G Suite end users.

Is it Working?

Using pre- and post-training quizzes, we can validate the knowledge gained inside your organization and then provide supplemental materials to help your end users build on their basic understanding.